Selling idea? Would you buy it?

Hi guys!

I know I’ve been talking about my Fiverr gigs a lot, but I’m really anxious to get my first order, so thank you for putting up with me 😉

First, I wanted to address something. It seems like every time I post about my gigs on this blog, my stats go up, so thank you guys so much for that and so much for your help, and so, because I want to thank you even more (and because I’m desperate for orders :P), I have a super duper crazy awesome absolutely fantastic oh-my-god special offer! (Okay, maybe I shouldn’t over sell it xD)


For my very first buyer on my YouTube Channel Art service, you will get:

FREE 24 hours or less delivery.

UNLIMITED revisions (sadly, that does mean I may need an extra day per revision)

PNG AND JPG versions of your channel art (instead of just one or the other)

AND I will mention your YouTube channel on THIS blog! 😀

All of these things would normally cost an extra FIVE dollars, and some of these things aren’t even an option at all for normal buyers!

All you have to do is mention in the “Anything else I should know” part of the form that you came from my blog and are hoping for the first buyer deal.

I hope you guys enjoy that!


I am giving a very similar (if not BETTER) deal for my Personalized 1000 Word Fiction service. You will get:

FREE 24 hours or less delivery

1500 words instead of 1000 (it usually costs an extra $5 for an additional 250 words, so you’re saving ten dollars with that)

One FREE revision (again, a revision is normally an extra $5)

And if you have a writing blog or YouTube channel that you would like me to advertise on my blog, I would be happy to do so 🙂

I actually don’t even offer 24 hour delivery on this job normally, only two day (which is still an additional cost), so that’s another one of a kind offer for you guys!

To read more about these services (and get the links to them) check out my new “Buy” page!

There you go! First buyers get some awesome deals! Make sure you’re not the second or third on each of these, or else you won’t get these special offers!


Moving on, I had an idea for another Fiverr gig, and I wanted your feedback, critique, and if it sounds like something you would buy.

So, you know how you see poems paired with an image or something like that? Here are some examples(I did not write these poems or pair them with these images, these are just examples):

What do you guys think if I turn people’s poems into images like these? Would you pay for that type of service? I appreciate any and all feedback 🙂

Thanks so much guys and I hope you like the offers!




Selling Update!

Hi guys!

I have some news concerning my business on!

One: I’ve added a “Buy” page to this website! Eeeek! Now you guys can check out my last post at any time just by clicking that page!!! Here’s the link.

Two: I forgot to mention in my last post, I have a portfolio blog where I post some of my channel art and stuff!! The link to it is here!

Also, I just wanted to mention that since I posted my last which which advertised the services I’m selling, I haven’t gotten any orders, but my clicks on the gigs went up by a lot! So thank you guys so much for that! Even you clicking on the services helps to get my gigs featured on the front page of their website, so thank you, thank you, thank you and please keep clicking! 🙂

Don’t forget that you can get free quick delivery on my services if you use the code I listed in my last post. Or find the codes on my new “Buy” page!! 🙂

Thanks again guys!