New idea… Cyber-pet Weekly!

Hi guys!

So I think I’m going to try this new thing, where every week, I have a new cyber-pet for you to see! I’m going to use this website called Bunnyhero Labs. I am going to create a pet each week and give it a name, personality and stuff like that. A little character creation for you guys 🙂

Here is the first one (sorry for the bad photo quality):


Prickly the Hedgehog


Name: Prickly

Age group: Baby

Favorite snack: Strawberries

Likes to: Follow me around

Prickly is a sweet hedgehog who just wants to cuddle (how unfortunate…) and he really enjoys eating strawberries. He doesn’t like hedgehog stereotypes (like the whole “hedgehogs are part of the pig family” thing) but he does enjoy playing Sonic on the PlayStation.

There you have it! First pet of the week! Again, sorry for the bad quality. I may not always do this on Thursdays, I just happened to start it today. And I may do two pets of the week, there’s no rules! Hopefully you’ll see the next pet soon!

Comment down below if you’ve used Bunnyhero Labs pets or if you liked this/want to see more of it!

Thanks for reading!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”