Opinions – Fruit (1)

Hi guys!

Call me crazy, but I have opinions. LOTS of ’em. Actually, everyone does… Probably.

So maybe I’m not crazy in that sense.

But I am crazy in the sense that my first topic for this is fruit.

Why fruit?


Anyways, I kind of wanted to do a rant, but I decided that rants are made up mostly of opinions. So I’m just starting a thing where I take a TOTALLY random topic (fruit, anyone?) and I share my opinions on that topic.

Feel free to comment down below your opinions on the topic. I would love to read your comments! 😀

Alright, let the rant begin!

For starters, I hate fruit because it’s probably going to bore everyone to death in this rant.

I literally just put in the title the first thing that came to mind.

I promise in the future I will try to include more important things like friendship and stuff like that.

Anyways, I never really liked fruit.

Well, I did when I was little… probably.

The only fruits that I will eat are bananas and the occasional watermelon, and even that’s not usual.

The weird thing is though, I love fruit smoothies with strawberries (ew), blueberries (ew), bananas (yum!), orange juice (umm…), and yogurt (YES).

Why is that? It’s like mixing them all up turns them into a totally different thing.


Sorry, guys, this is one of those posts where I go full Katie and I am absolutely completely BIZARRE-O.

And another thing about fruit…



That’s actually all I’ve got.

Fruit everybody.



So… how was that for our first opinion rant? …Actually don’t answer that.

Comment down below your opinion… on… fruit… Um… really, you don’t have to.

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”