Hello… it’s me…

^^^^^^ Yes, I just quoted an Adele song, don’t judge me.

Well, I’m back.

I haven’t posted since… since a couple months before Summer began…

I apologize.

I do.

I’m not sure exactly why I didn’t post. It might have been because I was lazy and just wanted to be a couch potato all Summer.

Or maybe because I did my first Summer camp and I got super distracted.

After a while it just seemed kind of… hard to come back. It’s like, will anyone respond? Will I enjoy it as much as I used to?

But here is what I am going to do.

This is my blog. MY blog (I hope that doesn’t sound conceited). I’m not going to be as strict with myself anymore about posting. If I want to, I will. I won’t feel bad if I start something and don’t finish it, because this blog is an experiment. This whole thing is an experiment.

And it’s one of the fun kinds where things can explode and you can end up with baking soda and vinegar everywhere.

In a good way.

What I’m saying is, I make the rules on here. So, if I want to post six posts in one day, leaving me with nothing for the rest of the week, I’ll do it.

If I don’t post for a month, oh well, I’ll see you guys again soon. I know I will.

This blog is for me to express myself. It’s kind of my outlet for anything.

You know that store that you love that has literally anything and everything? It might be a Bed, Bath and Beyond, or a Target, or a Walmart, or even the Dollar Store.

This is that store. It has anything and everything. It might go out of stock once in a while, or be shut down due to “Unknown reasons”, but it will be back. With big sales to draw you in. Or maybe it’ll stay nice and quiet, just how you like it.

But it might change. They might have painted the walls, replaced the tile with hardwood flooring, or even changed the name. But it’s the same store. Run by the same people. With all of the same merchandise.

So, welcome back to Miss Magic’s Memoir.


*cue battle music and explosions*


P.S. Comment down below if you are reading this and READY FOR MMM TO RETURN!!! 😀