QOTD – Day #3

Hi guys!

The final quote is…


As many of you may know, I love acting. In fact, I have a play coming up in just over a week.

I liked this quote because there is truth behind it. It’s sometimes hard not to find a part of yourself in the character you play, whether you put it there, or it was already there for you.

Lol, something that I put in my characters, are glasses. (Prepare for a really, REALLY bad example) I wear glasses and my characters don’t…


Character: But I don’t wear-


Character: But-



… 😛
If I’m being honest, everything that I’m finding that is like myself was already in the character. I didn’t put it there; the writers did. Then I found out the similarities during rehearsal. But still, it is like myself.

Anyways, I leave this (once again) as an open nomination. Enjoy 😛

Comment down below what your favorite thing to do is! Mine is acting 🙂

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“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

QOTD – Day #2

Hi guys!

Welcome to quote of the day challenge day #2!!!! Only one more day to go already 😛

Today’s quote is:


Music is so important to me. It tells a story in such a beautiful melodic way. It can make you happy, sad, excited, dance, sing, and feel just plain good about life. Music is such a good way to forget about whatever problem you had the minute before. Typically, whenever I’m upset, I put on some Sabrina Carpenter music, dance around the room, sing-along and appreciate the lyrics. Soon enough, I won’t feel bad anymore.

I leave this as open nomination! Say I nominated you! 😀

Comment down below what music means to you!

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“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

Quote of the Day Challenge – Day 1

Hi guys!

Thanks so much to Lily from Writings and Ramblings to nominate me for this challenge that I have been wanting to do for so very long! Please go check out Lily’s blog, it is super cool 😀

Before I started, I wanted to shout out to Heather from The Girl of Many Fictional Names because on the last day of NaPoWriMo she completed my challenge to find out which line was from which poem and she made very few mistakes (and she made me realize that I forgot a poem to add to the final one :P). So thanks so much Heather for doing that (and making me have to go look back at all of my poems xD).

Alright, the first quote for today is…Malala-Quote-10.10-Twitter.png

I love Malala Yousafzai. I highly recommend you read her autobiography, “I Am Malala”.

It’s not exactly the quote that I love about this… not to say that this quote isn’t absolutely amazing and true, but it’s the person behind the quote. Malala has so much hope for the world and the fact that she so strongly believes that one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world, is incredible to me. Especially after she suffered so much in Pakistan because of the Taliban. She is a truly incredible person.

Today I nominate…

Megan/A Barefoot Gal

Allison/A Farm Girl’s Life

K.A./Cuddly Critter’s Blog

If you guys have already done this challenge, please feel free to do it again 🙂

Comment down below if you’ve read Malala’s book or if you love Malala as much as I do!! 😀

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“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

BIBPC – Category 6 – Action

Hi guys!

Let’s see what I’ve got for action.


This is my adorable dog, Chloe, circling around a stump. She loves to do that. She’s always trying to chase a lizard that keeps circling around the stump. I was so happy to get such an adorable picture of the action.

Comment down below some quirky thing that your pet does!

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“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”