NaPoWriMo – Day #19

Hi guys!

I’m going to write two haikus for you today, but do not despair! For I am also adding a bonus poem. You will see soon what that is.

I don’t think I’ve seen

A haiku or a poem

That I did not like.


Miss Magic’s Memoir

The life and writings of me

Actress Katie T.

That was a fun one! šŸ˜€

Alright guys, I posted this poem on my blog a LONG time ago, but no one really read my blog back then.

This was my first ever good poem (that I remember anyways):

Wise Owl sleeps up high

In a tree

Close to the sky

When the day turns to night

All the owl sees

Is light.


Apparently I was thinking of owls and how they are nocturnal šŸ˜›

I actually really proud of that poem. Good job younger me.

Comment down below if you still have your first poem!

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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