The Book Lovers Tag – This was made for me

Hi guys!

Thanks so much Grace for nominating me for this tag! I love doing these challenges and this one stands out to me because…..


Ahem *cough cough*, anyways.

Go check out Grace’s blog, she is currently doing NaPoWriMo like me (except her poetry is a lot more insightful :P), her blog is super cool and also her blog among others is featured in my “Other Awesome Blogs” page.

Anyways! Let’s get to the questions!! πŸ˜€


Do you have a specific place for reading?

I almost never read a book when I’m not in my room. And that’s really just because I’m a night reader. I can’t fall asleep very well and I get really bored and unhappy when I just leave myself to my own thoughts at night, so I read. That can also mean staying up late (for my standards).


Bookmarks or a random piece of paper?

Even when I made a whole bunch of bookmarks, I hardly ever used them, but here’s a twist… I don’t use paper either! So you all must be on the edge of your seats yelling, “Katie, Katie, what do you do?! I need to know how you could not mark your spot in a book!!!” I used to just (get ready to cringe) fold over the corner of the page. But now I just kind of try to remember my spot.


Can you just stop anywhere or do you need to finish a chapter?

I can usually stop just anywhere, mostly because (like I said) I read at night and I typically tend to get super tired in the middle of reading something and I’ll be like, “This is my chance! Don’t move until you fall asleep or you might not be able to fall asleep at all!”


Do you eat or drink while reading?

Well, I’m not supposed to eat in bed, but there are plenty of nights where I’ll curl up under my blanket with a nice cold glass of water and a big long book.


Music or TV while reading?

I don’t like silence at night. It lets me think to much and the silence isn’t comforting, so every night I turn on the same darned Taylor Swift CD “Speak Now”. I’ve listened to that almost EVERY NIGHT since Christmas. So definitely music. I can’t focus on reading when the TV is on, even if it’s a show I don’t like.


Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I read in bed at home xD Whenever I’m somewhere else, I’m usually doing something, so I don’t really have as much time to read.


Read out loud or silently?

Silently! …Is there any other way? πŸ˜›


Do you read ahead or skip pages?

No! That would be terrible! I don’t want to ruin the story!


Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I think almost every question leads back to me reading in bed. There isn’t really a question. When you read in bed, the book is gonna bend, fall on the floor, etc. There is almost no “keeping it new”. Sucks for the brand new library books πŸ˜›


Do you write in your books?

No. That is the one thing that I do keep new, the pages. Unless they are accidentally torn or bent, the pages are typically fine. No writing.


That was fun! I leave this as OPEN NOMINATION!


Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

4 thoughts on “The Book Lovers Tag – This was made for me

  1. haha, I dog ear my pages too!! Just for library books though-not my own.
    That, or I’m usually too lazy to find a bookmark, so I’ll just try remembering where I left off.


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