Coming Fashion Trends

Hi guys!

So things are a little different today because I am posting on my blog as an assignment for my fashion class.

Here are trends that I think will come to us in the future:



Ponchos and hoodies and jackets, oh my!

I looked at Paris fashion week pictures and there were ponchos and raincoats GALORE! It was like a BLIZZARD warning had just been issued! But they are pretty cool, and they were displayed all over. You can probably even find some celebrities in America wearing these now.



Fairy-kei. Oh-so-cute!

Basically, “Fairy-kei” is a Japanese style which is pretty much the embodiment of cuteness. While it seems unlikely that this entire fashion could come to America (at least not in the near future), younger girls could definitely take inspiration from it. Cutesy dresses and skirts are already very popular with the younger generation, and the popularity of stockings is constantly growing. Also, you can see fur products in a couple of those pictures, and the popularity of fur clothing is also growing (as noticed in Parisian fashion shows).




Teddy Bear Ears. ❤

As Trinitee Stokes from K.C. Undercover displays, the Asian “Teddy Bear Ear” trend is already starting to come out in America. They also have “kitty ear” trends, which might explain why more and more people are wearing cat ear headbands lately… hmm.. I should get me a pair of those. Anyways, this hairstyle is absolutely adorable, but I can’t see it on many older people. This may be another one for the younger generations.



Colored Hair.

This trend has already hit America. HARD. In fact, I would LOVE to dye my own hair like this. But nowadays, you can walk down the street and see people with dyed hair. In fact, celebrities like Katy Perry (and internet celebrities like DanTDM, Tyler Oakley and LeighAnnSays) have been known to color their hair. And as you might expect, we likely got this trend from colorful Japan.

And finally, one trend that I wish would return:


That’s right. Flapper outfits.

This ’20s look is to DIE for! Especially if you modernize it a little bit kind of like this outfit. And fashion trends do tend to come back (hello, fringe anybody?) and feathers are gaining popularity. Feathers + fringes = flappers (the three Fs).


Those were the fashion trends you might see in stores in the future (according to me anyways).

Comment down below what you think about these trends!

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”



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