Describe the Days of the Week as People tag

Hi guys!

Loren from Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes did this tag and left it as an open nomination so naturally, I had to do it. Thanks Loren πŸ˜‰ (also, I only got a glimpse at one of Loren’s answers. I’m not going to read them until I post mine)


Monday – Monday is always depressed and bored. She sits around at school wondering when it’s going to end. Monday wishes she were Friday. Monday typically runs into things she doesn’t want to run into and the day for her drags on for so very long. Once, she actually got after-school detention so the day lasted even longer. She hated it.

Tuesday – Tuesday is Monday’s perky little sister. Tuesday always sees the best in everyone and everything. Β She looks ahead with no doubts that the rest of the week will be great. Because, why not? The hard part of the week is gone and she is ready to rock and roll into the rest of the week.

Wednesday – Wednesday is very up and down. She has happy times and sad times. She is happy that the hard part of the week is gone but sad that there’s still a ways to go before the week ends. Wednesday likes to wear more semi-formal clothes. She is always trying to keep herself busy too.

Thursday – Thursday is a total tease. Thursday likes to taunt people. “Hahaha! I am the only thing standing in the way between you and Friday!” he says. If you just kind of ignore him and get on with your day, he’ll probably leave you alone. Besides, at night, Thursday comes alive and is (surprisingly) ready to suffer a graceful defeat.

Friday – Friday is super laid back. Friday likes to relax and hang with friends and watch TV. Friday is home-schooled. He can take a break from all the crazy ups and downs of life and just slap on his flip-flops for a beach vacay. Friday is the kind of guy that everyone wants to be friends with.

Saturday – Saturday is a social butterfly. She always (and I mean ALWAYS) has plans. If she’s not hanging with Derek, she’s hanging with Alyssa. If she’s not hanging with Alyssa, she’s catching a movie with Jackie. If she’s not at the movies, she’s on a date with James and the list goes on and on and on. She believes that other people are the secret to your own happiness. That’s why she hardly ever goes anywhere without someone else.

Sunday – Sunday is very nostalgic. He likes to sit down and wonder, “Where has the week gone?” You can typically find him sitting down, watching TV and pondering the reality of the sitcom he’s watching. It’s actually kind of sad… “I wonder if it is really possible for cars to have a mind of their own like Lightning McQueen?”

There you go! I nominate everyone reading this! Comment down below and tell me if you agree with my descriptions or what you might have said!

Thanks for reading!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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