Here you go…

Hi guys!

I haven’t posted anything this week so I thought I’d just start writing and maybe I’d have an enjoyable rant for you guys to read.

The week started off pretty good. I was happy for Spring Break, I posted on Instagram, I hugged my pet bunny. But then both of my parents weren’t feeling too good and my brother was already sick. My mom was really sick yesterday and Dad came home early from work because he wasn’t feeling good, so my parents had it pretty bad.

Of course, they’re fine, so now my worry is, “When am I going to get it?”. I know there’s something going around and I don’t want to get it.

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have a sore throat for a bit?

Of course THIS is the week that happens to me and freaks me out!!!

I mean, I don’t completely mind having a small cold. I get to lay down, watch TV all day and drink lots of Gatorade and water.

But I can’t stand having a sore throat. If I have a sore throat, it’s sooooo not worth it. Sore throats are the Devil’s making, I tell ya! (I just got really country)



I better go! Comment down below if you’ve been sick very recently, because I know a few people who have. 😦

Thanks for reading guys.


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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