Read It and Weep award… I’m making it a thing!

Hi guys!

I wanted to make a blogging challenge and I was hoping you guys could help me spread it. This is what I came up with:

This challenge is to share with people the things that really make you feel something (either really happy or sad or determined or whatever). The rules are:

  1. Answer the required questions below.
  2. Nominate 5 bloggers (or as many as you want).
  3. Send the link to your post to the person who nominated you and thank them.
  4. Make 5 completely RANDOM questions for your nominees to answer (just for fun)
  5. Enjoy it!

Okay, here are the questions that must be answered (I shall answer them):

Are there any songs that make you feel something emotionally?

I just recently heard the song “Piece By Piece” by Kelly Clarkson. It’s about how her dad left her when she was little. It is such an emotional song. Especially when she sang it on American Idol. Even Keith Urban was crying!

Are there any books or stories that make you feel something emotionally?

When I was little, I kind of cried when I read the first book in the “Kirsten” series of American Girl books because *spoiler* Kirsten’s best friend dies. But other than that, not off the top of my head, but I heard that The Fault In Our Stars is good and I will (hopefully) read it soon.

Are there any quotes that make you feel something emotionally?

Not exactly true emotion, but I very much like the quote “Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.” which was said by Oscar Wilde. I posted about it on my blog recently.

Is there an event in your life or on the news that makes you feel something emotionally (that you feel comfortable sharing)?

My grandmother died when I was a little girl and I don’t remember her too much. But I would do anything to bring her back. She died of lung cancer. So really when I see anyone I love smoking a cigarette, that’s kind of heartbreaking.

Are there any people who inspire you in life?

Oh my gosh, so many people. I love Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. I also think that Malala Yousafazai is an amazing girl. She survived a bullet to the head and then she went on to inspire people and girls to learn as much as they can and never give up.


Alright, I nominate these people to do this challenge (you do not have to do it if you don’t want to):






And everyone reading this!


Okay nominees, here are the totally random and fun questions for you to answer:

  1. If you could go on a week-long vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  2. Do you have any stuffed animals?
  3. Dream pet? (Can be absolutely anything that comes out of your brain)
  4. Favorite singer/song/composer/etc.?
  5. Favorite book series or trilogy (no individual books)?


Again, you totally do not have to do this, but it would be cool if it became another big blogging challenge! Remember to send me the link to your answers!!!

Thanks for reading!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

4 thoughts on “Read It and Weep award… I’m making it a thing!

    • Yes! I did! I thought it would be fun to start one and see how it spreads. It’s basically a blog challenge. You are totally welcome to do it! It’s just called the “Read It and Weep Award”. You can say I nominated you 🙂 If you have any questions, I would be thrilled to answer them! Make sure you send me the link to the post!

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