Chapter 5: Angels Vs. Devils

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Here’s chapter five of Angels Vs. Devils!

Chapter 5

“Mom, she was really mad at me. I couldn’t risk losing her,” Faith argued. “You said I could bring her in.”

Mrs. Johnson frowned. “Yes, I did say that, but I also said you had to wait a while longer because it’s too dangerous right now. Mara Black and her team of Devils is trying to steal the Halo of Peace and they will do anything to get to it. This is a very dangerous way to treat your friend.”

Summer stepped forward. “I apologize, Mrs. Johnson. This is all my fault. I was mad that she wasn’t telling me the truth and now she’s in trouble for it. I take full responsibility.”

Faith looked over at Summer with gratitude. “That’s sweet, Summer. but she’s right. It was far too dangerous to bring you here. It’s my fault.”

“I think both of you girls are responsible,” Mrs. Johnson said sternly. “But I suppose if Mara is going to attack us,  we need to have all the help we can get. Summer, would you like to train to be an Angel?” Faith’s eyes grew wide and a large smile brightened up her face.

“Well, I don’t even really know what Angels do…” Summer said.

“I’ll explain it,” Faith said as she faced her friend. “It’s just like you see in movies. The Devils try to influence people to do bad and the Angels try to put people on the way to being good, kind people.”

“How do you do that?” Summer asked.

“We have spies who keep track of people and see what they might need. Then an angel is assigned to keep them on the right track. When we met years ago, you were my first mission. You weren’t being bad, but it was my first month as an angel, so I needed to just start spreading kindness.”

Summer frowned. “So, you didn’t want to be friends with me?”

Faith’s eyes grew wide and apologetic. “Oh, no! I did want to meet you! I just… never had the courage until it was my mission.”

Summer nodded.

“Anyways, we spread kindness through words, action and magic. Also, we have the really professional angels, who act as the voices that people hear in their heads. Telling them whether or not things are good ideas.”

Summer thought for a moment. “So, the time that I wanted to jump on the trampoline and land on the roof, an Angel told me not to?”

Faith laughed. “Yeah, and it’s a good thing you listened.”

“So, why do we make bad decisions?”

Faith frowned. “It’s the Devils’ job to help you make the wrong decisions. They plant bad ideas and thoughts in your head and try to make you go through with them.”

“Does that mean that the time when I was seven and I ate all of Mom’s Valentine’s day candy without asking, that was because of a Devil?” Summer asked.

“Yup. And even though Angel’s are supposed to do good things, they try to make sure that there are consequences for what you do, so that you don’t try to do them again.”

“Oh, okay… That’s why I had a really bad stomachache after,” Summer said.

“Well, kind of. That was just a natural consequence. But the Angel told you that if you hadn’t eaten the candy, you wouldn’t have been sick,” Faith answered.

Summer thought and thought about the whole conversation. It seemed unreal. There was no way she could just train to be a voice in someone’s head. But it sounded like a cool opportunity.

“So, do you accept the offer?” Faith asked hopefully.

Summer looked at the ground. “Well, I don’t know what I would tell my parents, and I can’t just ditch them all the time,” Summer said. Faith’s smile grew into a frown. “So, I guess what I’m saying is…. I’m going to need your help with coming up with excuses for my parents.”

Faith laughed and hugged her best friend.

Summer smiled. “So… when do we start?”

Comment down below if you have any questions about what the Angels really do. I’ll try to answer them in the next chapter.

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