Chapter 4: Angels Vs. Devils

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Chapter 4

Summer stood there like a deer in headlights with her jaw practically touching the floor. Faith tried to clear things up.

“So, um, yeah. This is the Headquarters for the Angels, also known as A.I.C. which stands for Angels In the Clouds… And, uh, I work here! Pretty cool, huh?” Faith giggled nervously.

Summer turned her wide eyes towards Faith. “You work here?” Faith nodded. “And all these people are angels?” Summer asked. Faith nodded again. “Well, what about you? Are you a.. um… one of them too?” Faith snapped her fingers. A burst of sparkles erupted behind her and when they dissipated, angel wings were attached to Faith’s back.

Summer froze. “This can’t be real. This is just a dream. I must have been really tired last night at my party,” she mumbled.

Faith looked at Summer. She looked kind of dizzy. She went over to her. “Are you okay, Summer?” she asked. Faith’swing accidentally brushed Summer’s face. Faith gasped as Summer fainted.

Faith bit her lip. “I should’ve expected that,” she said. “Daisy! I need some help, please!” she called out.

A young girl around the age of ten or eleven stepped up next to Faith. Her bouncy blonde hair blew behind her in the wind. “What’s wrong-” she was about to say, but then she noticed Summer laying on the ground. “This is your friend?” Faith nodded. Daisy sighed. “Do you want me to get a gong to wake her up, or a glass of water?” she asked. Faith looked at Daisy like she was crazy.

“Daisy! Really? Obviously, we would have to use the gong! We can’t get her wet!” Faith said. Daisy nodded and ran off. After a few seconds Summer woke up.

“Faith, I had this crazy dream. You were an angel and you worked in this place that looked like a cloud. And then-” Summer looked around. “Oh… It wasn’t a dream,” she said in shock and realization.

Daisy ran back into the room with a miniature gong and played it loudly in Summer’s face.

“Oh… You’re awake now. I’ll just go put this back,” Daisy said with a slight hint of disappointment.

Faith helped Summer up off of the ground.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Summer asked.

Faith sighed. “I wanted to. I really did. But we’re supposed to be an secret. If everyone knew about us, then we would have to deal with-” She was interrupted by a loud noise and she turned around to see a black puff of smoke in the middle of the room. People were screaming all around.

Then a girl walked out from the smoke. She had beautiful hair and she was wearing a red and black outfit. She had wings like the angels, but hers were pitch black.

“Who’s that?” Summer whispered.

Faith whispered back, “Her name is Mara Black. She’s the leader of the Devils. She’s cold-hearted and she’ll do anything to get what she wants.”

“How did she get here?” Summer asked.

“She isn’t really here. She just using magic to make us think she is. I’ve been trained to notice things like that,” Faith replied.

“Hmm…” Mara said as she strutted around the room. An evil smirk on her face. “I see that you all are trying to hide something,” she said as she walked up to a group of shivering angels, guarding something behind them. Mara snapped her fingers loudly and the angels scattered in fear, revealing a shiny golden ring, floating above a pedestal. 

“Ah, yes. The Halo of Peace. Quite a beautiful artifact,” she said as she stroked the golden ring. “I’m assuming you all know the story of this halo, seeing as you’re all angels.” No one moved. “No?” Mara asked. “Well, it’s quite a tale. Let me tell all of you, as just a quick reminder.”

Mara walked into the middle of the room. “A long, long time ago, a young girl died and she woke up on a cloud. She found a golden ring laying gently on the cloud. She was about to pick it up when someone stopped her. It was her archenemy, who some refer to as ‘The Devil’. Apparently, he had passed away too, and he wanted the ring, for it was made of pure gold.

“The little girl, who had wanted the ring for herself, tried to share the ring with her enemy, hoping her kindness would rub off on him. But she was wrong. The boy grabbed the ring right out of her hands and held onto it for himself,” Mara smirked with slight pride. “But the ring was magical, and since the kind little girl was the first one to touch the ring,  the evil boy couldn’t hold the ring with it burning his hands. When he grabbed the ring out of the girl’s hands, he yelled in pain and his hands were red and raw. The boy then stumbled off the side of the cloud, falling countless miles back down to Earth. He ended up breaking a hole deep in the ground, and it become his home, soon known as ‘Hell’.

“Meanwhile, the little girl placed the ring atop her head and the cloud magically transformed into a golden and white town, known as ‘Heaven’.

“The boy could not touch the halo for millions of years. But now, even though it is still very powerful, the halo’s magic has worn down enough to where the children of the Devil can take it. So, they can disrupt the peace and bring evil to the hearts of the kindest souls,” Mara said with a malicious grin. “This ring is now known as the Halo of Peace. And now, us devils can take it…” Her evil grin then grew into a fake innocent smile. “Any questions?”

The room was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Summer shuffled her feet nervously.

Mara’s head quickly turned to the source of the shuffling noise.

“Who’s this, now? You don’t have any wings. Not even baby ones like those half-brained young angels in training,” Mara said. Daisy sniffled and looked at the ground while Jessica glared at Mara. The teenage devil was mere inches away from Summer’s face.

Summer glared into Mara’s beady black eyes. “Look who’s calling who ‘half-brained’! The only brains of yours that I see are up your nose!”

Daisy barely stifled a laugh. Mara glared at her and Daisy quickly put her head down. Then Mara turned back towards Summer and said, “I’d watch my step if I were you. You have no idea who you’re messing with.”

“With the little amounts of brain that you have, you probably don’t know either!” Summer fired back. Mara growled in frustration, then she snapped her fingers and erupted in a black cloud of smoke. Once she had completely disappeared, all the angels clapped and patted Summer on the back. She was one of the first ones brave enough to face Mara.

Faith was about to congratulate Summer when a lady walked in with a very disapproving look on her face.

“Faith! You are in big trouble!” she said.

“Oh no, it’s my boss. I wasn’t supposed to bring you here!” Faith whispered to Summer.

“I told you not to do this! How are you going to grow up to be a professional angel if you bring in humans without authorization?” the woman asked.

“Hey, wait a second. Isn’t that your-” Summer began to ask Faith.

“I’m sorry, Mom!” Faith apologized to the lady.

“Oh boy,” Summer said.

OMG, that was a really long chapter, but I hope you guys enjoy!

Thanks for reading!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”




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