I Try Too Many Things…

Hi guys!

I have so many things on my blog that I SAID that I would do, and then I COMPLETELY neglect it! A couple examples are my “Letters To Random” and the “Pet of the Week”.

But I find that the things that I do most frequently are the things that I learn from other blogs. Like my Angels Vs. Devils chapters. I was inspired to write that because I saw another blog writing stories on their blog.

Obviously, I need more motivation.

Here’s an idea that I discovered from Grace’s blog: Making your own blog challenge.

Grace just did a challenge that was recently created by another blogger. It kind of blew my mind, sort of… a little bit… I mean, my mind didn’t literally EXPLODE but I really liked the idea.

Now I’m contemplating on if I should even do that. I guess I kind of stopped doing my Letters To Random and stuff like that because it isn’t as fun to me to do a totally planned out post instead of just writing on my blog with whatever comes to mind.

Sometimes I just need to vent.

But, I suppose I could start things like these and then do them whenever I want.

I want to start posting quotes on my blog… Yeah… I think I’ll do that.

But I think I’ll stop Pet of the Week…

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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