Chapter 1: Angels VS. Devils

Hi guys!

Here’s a new thing I’m starting. Every once in a while, I’ll post a chapter for a story and you guys can see the story unfold. I wrote this story a few years back and I was very proud of it, but I was very, very, depressed when I clicked onto it one day and only a few pages remained. I didn’t even try again to finish it. Now I will attempt to write it chapter by chapter and to take you through the world of my characters (who may be totally different from when I wrote them before, who knows? For example, I’m totally renaming them).

Without further ado, here’s chapter one of Angels Vs. Devils:



The two best friends giggled as they left the movie theater. They had expected the movie to be dramatic and heartbreaking, but the girls were shushed twice for giggling and mocking the movie.

Summer Miller lifted a burgundy lock of hair from her ponytail and stretched it across her face like a mustache. Then, in a terrible french accent she said, “Oh, mademoiselle! I have loved you since the day I spilled my coffee all over you!”

Faith Johnson giggled. “You know the line was supposed to be ‘I’ve loved you since the day I met you’.”

Summer dropped her hair and smiled. “I know, but he did spill his coffee on her.” Faith shook her head with a smile and pushed open the door to The Café.

The Café was the girls’ favorite hangout place. They had met there when they ordered the exact same item.

The waitress came up to the table. The girls normally would have been slightly intimidated by her lip piercing and half-shaved hairdo, but they knew her very well.

“Hi, Kylie!” the girls said in unison.

“Hi guys! You look like you just had a good laugh. Sorry I missed it.” She winked at the two girls. She had thick, luscious mascara on. The girls were always impressed by Kylie. She was three years older than them at age 16, but Kylie treated them like they were all the same age.

“We just watched a romantic movie,” Faith said.

“Was it a romantic comedy?” Kylie asked.

Faith and Summer looked at each other. “No,” they said together.

Kylie laughed. “You guys have a strange sense of humor. So you two will have the usual?”

The girls nodded.

“Okay, I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

Summer turned to Faith. “So, you’ll be at my birthday party tomorrow?”

“How could I miss the thirteenth birthday of Summer Rain Miller?” Faith smiled back. She had always loved Summer’s middle name. Summer Rain. Summer Rain. It made her think of cool water dripping down her face without drenching the beautiful flowers below, with the sky still shining bright with the rays of the sun.

Summer smiled. “Thanks. Hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about-” Faith’s cell phone beeped.

Faith frowned at the phone. “Um… Summer I have to go.” Faith got up from her seat and grabbed her purse. “But I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” 

“But I…” Summer looked at her feet and sighed. “Just promise me you won’t leave my birthday party tomorrow.”

Faith’s frown turned into a determined smile. “I promise. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Summer sighed. That was what she had wanted to talk about. Faith had been hurrying away more and more lately. It was like she wanted to spend her time somewhere else.

Kylie brought the drinks over to the table. “Two hot chocolates with extra whipped cream, extra chocolate, and marshmallows drenched in chocolate syrup on the side.”

“Thanks Kylie,” Summer sadly took a sip of her steaming hot chocolate.

“Left again, huh?” Kylie sighed as she took Faith’s seat.

“This is the fourth day in a row she’s done this… Maybe she just doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore.” Summer felt tears welling up in her eyes.

Kylie looked at Summer and said, “Summer, I’ve known you and Faith for a while now. If she didn’t want to hang out with you, she would tell you. And you know she would let you down easy. She wouldn’t just make up excuses to hurt your feelings.”

Summer nodded, but she was finding it hard to believe Kylie. Whenever Summer wasn’t an optimist, her mom would call her Rain. When she was bright and happy, her mom would call her Summer. Summer’s dad was a goofball. He would call Summer “Thunderstorm” when she was a pessimist. Right then, he would’ve said something silly like, “Come on Thunderstorm, don’t you have an umbrella?” Summer really missed her Dad. He died in a car accident about six months before. Now he wasn’t even going to be able to come to Summer’s thirteenth birthday party.

Kylie patted Summer’s head. “The hot chocolates are on me.” She started to walk away before she looked back and said, “Everything will work out.” Summer wasn’t so sure it would.

There it was guys! Hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment down below!

Thanks for reading!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”



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