Brand new theme, Adelle… And more…

Hi guys!

New year, new theme! I love this theme (entitled Adelle) because it has an elegant yet fun mood. You should be able to navigate around this theme pretty easily.

I have a few things to say, but first I must ask. How was your New Year’s Eve?! I know it’s a little late to ask, but it’s still a valid question.

My New Year’s Eve was spectacular as expected. I had a lot of fun and I rocked the karaoke all night. 😛

Okay, now to the other stuff.

I was recently nominated for a blog challenge which I will do very soon and will likely be coming out this week.

And I won the FLVS Scribbles Best Worst Sentence contest!!!

Here is the link to the winners’ post:

And congratulations to Emily, I loved your sentence and I’m super glad you made it up there with me!! 😀

BTW, I need to nominate people for any future blog tag things (and I just like to know you guys are reading!!), so if you read this blog, please feel free to make yourself known in the comments! I love receiving and answering comments from my little magical community! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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