Fashion Trends That Rock or Need to Come Back

Hi guys!

As a preteen, I am getting more and more interested in fashion. About a month ago, I spent the majority of my weekend watching Clevver Style’s Dirty Laundry (Trophy Life) on YouTube. I loved seeing the beautiful (or not so beautiful) celebrity outfits and wishing I could wear it over and over again (minus Miley Cyrus outfits). Anyways, even though I was only born in 2003, I know some old fashion trends, and why not include some new ones too! Here are some old fashion trends that need to make a comeback AND current fashion trends that I love:


Poodle skirts. What else is to be said? How can you not love the adorable long skirts with a poodle on it? Fifties fashion was at it’s best when they made poodle skirts.


Overalls. I used to wear overalls when I was a little girl and they are adorable! You could also go with the popular old “denim-on-denim” look by wearing denim overalls and a jean jacket.


Leg warmers. Why not?


Crimped hair. I would say it’s hard to mess up hair, but let’s not forget mullets….

A Hippie Costume For Kids.jpg

Hippies/flower children. Luckily, this style is coming back and thank goodness! I don’t like hippies ONLY as a fashion trend, but ALSO because they believe in non-violence and color and beautiful, positive things. We need more happy hippies in the world.


Flappers. I would die of happiness if this look came back! I love the beautiful, sparkly dresses, the fancy feather boas and the nice headband. Why did this ever go out of style? Why is it known only as the “20s look”? This would make my LIFE if I could look normal in one of those outfits.


Dresses that are short in the front and long in the back. I love these and I would love to have one with a white top and a blue skirt.


Shrugs. Super cute. When I picture a cute shrug outfit, I picture a black shrug with a pink shirt and a black skirt and a tiny black headband hat (I have one) to top it all off.

school-messenger-bag-for-girls-across-the-body-bag.jpgMessenger bags. I waaaaanntttt oonnneeee.


Shoes with wheels in them. These are so cool! I want a pair!


Hoodies. Love ’em. Love, love, love ’em. I wish I could wear them more, but I live in Florida so…

Cdil7.jpgLong, hippie skirts (fringe optional). Super cute. I love white ones with a white top and then a cute brown fringe shirt cover. Good for a cute, girly cowboy look.


Bob cuts. EEEEK!!! So cute!


Pixie cut. Also cute, but it takes certain people to pull it off. Ginnifer Goodwin ROCKS the pixie cut.

I love all of these trends, old and new. Please comment down below which trends you like!

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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