New story idea! What do you guys think?

Hi guys!

Alright, I had a dream last night that left me with a story idea: What if there was a girl who was writing an autobiography? And what if she fostered dogs? And what if the dog that she was currently fostering was one that she was going to adopt? And what if that dog was run over by a car? And what if that incident left the girl unable to write her autobiography? What if she needed the book done by a certain time because her publisher needed a new book by a certain time?

Whew! That was a long one! Five “what if?”s in one story idea! Let me write a bit of a summary for you guys to remove all the questions:

A teenage writer who fosters dogs tries to write an autobiography. She’s doing well until an incident with one of the dogs leaves her shocked and unable to think straight enough to write. Will she finish the book in time for her publisher?

So, what do you guys think? Should I go for it? Do you have any tips or suggestions for the story? I love to hear from you guys! 😀

Thanks for reading guys!


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4 thoughts on “New story idea! What do you guys think?

  1. Hey again Katie, Grace here to give you my insight on this.
    The problem with this story is the realism element. You’d have to do research on trauma, and see if that would really affect this girl’s ability to write an autobiography. Also, publisher’s can extend manuscript and revision due dates, as far I know. Unless this publisher (after doing more research) has certain criteria, which may force her to switch publishers or something like that. You’d also really need to flesh out this dog, because again, it can be rare that such an incident would leave someone so emotionally traumatic they can’t write or do anything else 🙂
    I really like the idea you’ve started, truthfully I love it. I think the woman and dog relationship would be lovely to read, however you don’t have much realism that would keep me hooked.
    Publishers and authors sign due dates in what is known as a Standard Book Contract. (this link might be helpful if you’re writing it in this day and age, perhaps this could be an issue she faces)
    From the link given above, it is evident this publisher wouldn’t be demanding a new book–the influx of books written in the past decade have causes issues among writers, as they have a harder time competing, have to work harder at marketing, and costs increase with each book published, but not bought. That’s some research if you’re writing it now…if not, I don’t know how that would necessarily work. Perhaps my point is: do in depth research before deciding if you want this to be the backbone of your book. The summary line here is kind of too nebulous for me to grasp what you’re trying to write 🙂 Again, the concept is very cute and attractive, but I don’t know if the meat of the story would amount to that.
    Hopefully I offered some help! Thanks for always posting katie, these story ideas are pretty neat 😉


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