Letter To Random: Dear…. What?

Hi guys!

You may have heard of the idea where you write letters to random things. I was going to try that for my blog and I was wondering what you guys think I should write to! Okay, here is what I need:

  1. Nouns (people/places/things) to write to. It has to be totally random! It could be to a sailor, a Walmart, a birthday cake, etc.
  2. What type of letter it should be. Should it be an angry letter, a thank you note, a love letter, or anything along those lines?
  3. As many of the previous things as possible! I want to write a lot of these letters!

Please comment down below if you have any ideas for what I should write about in my Letters to Random!

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

5 thoughts on “Letter To Random: Dear…. What?

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