It slipped my mind!

Hi guys!

Isn’t it so, very frustrating when you have a GREAT idea and then you go to check something and you totally forget what it was? UGH!! That’s what just happened to me! I was looking at my blogging Pinterest board for ideas when I came up with my own idea and I loved it! Then, I remembered that I had a draft made earlier this morning, so I checked to see what the draft was and I forgot about my great idea!! And then I do what everyone else does when they forget something. I tried to “retrace my steps”. I went back to Pinterest and the post that I was looking at and I was reading what I looked at before and…. nothing. I still have no idea what I was thinking of before! Why did that happen? I’m not stupid, I know that, but why do we forget things that we JUST thought of?? Is it because we have a short attention span? Is it because it may NOT have been important and now that you forgot you’re making it important? Or maybe it’s because our brains hate us and want to tease us all the time! I can just imagine my brain going, “Hahaha! I still remember but I won’t remind you! Why would I do that? HAHAHA-” I have to stop my brain there. I can’t listen to my own brain taunt me. Anyways, if you guys have good ideas for what I could blog about, please comment down below! Also, make sure you check out the new “WRITE FOR MMM!” page if you want your work posted on Miss Magic’s Memoir! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

3 thoughts on “It slipped my mind!

  1. YASSSS. I can relate so well. 😛 Usually, those sort of ideas come to me when I least expect it, and I’m not prepared at all…although I’m getting better now at jotting those things down quickly on a phone, a journal, a random piece of paper, whatever works. xD


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