Writing a Romance/Adventure

Hi guys!

So in my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to write a romance, I started that romance book yesterday and I think it’s okay so far (not much has been written to go by). But the great part is that I got one or two awesome ideas almost as soon as I started typing. Anyways, here’s a snippet of the story:

18 year old Rosalina Valentine laughed as her boyfriend Colin Bryer lifted her up off of her feet and spun around. Colin spun a little too fast seeing as they both ended up tumbling into her swimming pool. They came up out of the water soaking wet and laughing as they choked on water.

                “Time for dinner, Alina!” her mom called from inside. Rosalina wrung out her soggy, black hair and turned to Colin.

                “Will you stay for dinner?” she asked hopefully, a sparkle in her large, silver eyes.

                As much as Colin wanted to stay, he knew he couldn’t. “Nah, I promised my folks I would babysit my little brother while they went out to eat,” he said with a frown. “But how about tomorrow, we go see a movie or something?”

                “Sounds great,” she answered with a soft grin. They walked to the front door and she kissed him before he left. She closed the door and ran off to her room to change out of her soaked clothes.

That’s how my story starts, let me give you guys a bit of a better summary of the entire story;

18 year old Rosalina Valentine is kidnapped at her 19th birthday party. Her boyfriend, Colin Bryer, goes on an adventure to save her,  with a surprise for her at the end of his journey.

So, that’s that. I’ll tell you guys what his surprise is:

After he finds his girlfriend, Colin proposes to her and says that he will be attending the same college as her.

I just came up with the same college thing now. What do you guys think? Comment down below if you have any opinions or suggestions for my story! Also, any ideas on what I should title it? That would be great!

Thanks for reading!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

3 thoughts on “Writing a Romance/Adventure

  1. hey Katie! Grace here again!
    So, I wanted to bring to your attention the idea of “realism.” It’s an important element to incorporate into a story, whether that be romance, fantasy, action/adventure, you name it. Since this is romance, and solely centered on romance (with adventure, it appears, on the side), it’s going to be very hard to create that element of realism without detracting from your story. Unfortunately, this plot doesn’t seem very realistic at the moment. But that’s okay, you’ve got a good base to work from. The kidnapping idea should be the part you want to focus on, for certain, and then stem from there. The “surprise” to me doesn’t sound realistic. Marriage and college are two different things, and while some married couples go to college and live in the marriage dorms, it’s not something you see very often. Not only that, but if this surprise was what you were working towards, you’d need to create a strong exposition and rising action in order to establish the confusion about “will we be going to the same college” and “will we ever get married?” For young people these days (if you were to set in during this period) marriage isn’t something people think about. People think about college, career, degrees. And then, they mostly get married after. Marriage and college–? That’s a Boy Meets World plot xD (and we all know Corey and Topanga were a special couple)
    The point is, try to focus first on the action–why is she kidnapped? What will Colin have to do to find her? Will the police and FBI be involved? How will he know where to find her, what journey is he supposed to take? The excerpt you gave me /begins/ to give me an idea of their relationship, but it’s not substantial–what makes them different from every other couple? The hard part about romance is that you want to avoid as many cliches as possible. It’ll be hard, and very difficult. Cliches are what bring a romance story down, and trust me–I’ve tried writing one. So focus on the action first, the plot itself, before the “surprise” because to me, I’m not very hooked on it. I guess it’s because I have yet to read the beginning of the story itself! 🙂 Have you worked on an outline yet? If not, try. Again, just my suggestions, nothing you feel you have to take into consideration, but the surprise part, and the way you characterized their relationship already, seems sort of iffy to me. I hope I helped, and of course I hope my criticism was constructive and kind!


    • Wow! Thank you so very much for that comment! I really appreciate the criticism and you really help me think about how I could improve and what I may need to work on. 🙂 I guess I didn’t think too hard about the outline… I suppose the surprise could be just the college thing and I could put marriage in an epilogue. I will definitely work on that. I will try not to do romance cliches (and lol that Boy Meets World reference) and I will outline and work harder on that. Thanks again so much, Grace! You have been very helpful with my stories and poems! 😀

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