Brand New Theme!

Hey guys!

Seeing as HalloTheme has come to an end, a new theme needed to be chosen! Take a good look at the site! What do you think of this theme (which is called “Brand New Day“)? Some of the features of this theme are how the dates of the blog posts are clouds, there’s a sun at the bottom of the site, and there’s a search bar up at the top for you guys! Here are some things you should know about the theme: 1. You click on the website title (Miss Magic’s Memoir) to get back to the front page. 2. The other websites (suggestions, questions, about) are on the sidebar. 3. The “leave a comment” button is below each post. Also, I have noticed that I am slacking with the Silver Sundays thing (Where I post some poems by the famous poet, Shel Silverstein) so I will try to keep that up a bit better. Hope you guys have fun with the new theme!

Thanks for reading guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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