My great Halloween experience

Hi guys! It’s day 4 of HalloTheme! (Here’s the first blog post of the week if you’re wondering what HalloTheme is.)

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is the part where you get to dress up as anything you want and nobody’s like, “Ermahgerd! Why is thert gurl er pirate?” (Translation: Ohmygod! Why is that girl a pirate? [That was for those of you who do not speak ermahgerd]) This year for Halloween, I bought a cape. I’m going to be a caped… lady… *cricket noise*… I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but it’s going to look cool. Anyways, a couple years ago (I was ten years old) I dressed up as a vampiress for Halloween. I looked AWESOME (and I hate to brag)! I had a perfect half circle bun, pale white makeup, a magnificent dress (and that was before I had glasses… :P). My dad always decorates the house really well for Halloween and that year, he made a cardboard coffin. After me and my mom and my brother and our friends got back from trick or treating, the REAL fun began! I laid down in the coffin and I looked out a little slit on the side to see when people were coming. As my victims walked past, I busted out of the coffin to feed- I mean to scare people… totally… Anyways, I even scared a couple of teenage boys! It felt really good in a malicious…. sort of way… That was a good night…. Anyways, comment down below if you ever scared some people pretty bad on Halloween and leave some prompts, ideas, and “What if?“s for me to use in my stories and poems. Also remember, there are only 3 days left of HalloTheme! If you would like to see your scary short stories or poems on my blog, send them to me in a comment down below or (if you want to keep it a complete secret until it’s published) send them to me in my suggestions page!

Thanks guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a- ZOMBIE!

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