Blood grass

Red grass

Hey guys! It’s day 3 of HalloTheme! (Here‘s a post about what HalloTheme is if you’re curious.)

Happy, happy hump day! The picture above was taken and edited by yours truly (me) and I think it should be entitled Blood Grass in the spirit of Halloween. I like the idea that it looks like blood, but it’s not too gory. I might have a spooky story coming up soon for you guys, but it could be a couple days. And remember, I am happy to post your short stories or poems on my blog (with your name, of course), especially ones for HalloTheme! If you want to keep your poems for me a secret until they’re posted you can send them to my through my suggestions page. I also have a questions page if you have any questions about me or my blog (including HalloTheme). Comment down below if you like this picture and leave me some prompts, ideas and “What if?“s for my stories and poems! I love to hear from you! Thanks guys and happy HalloTheme!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a- ZOMBIE!

2 thoughts on “Blood grass

    • Hi Grace! I just took the picture in my backyard and I used an editing software (I can’t remember the name) to color the grass. I had to take pictures of an ordinary object for photography class and I had to try using different angles and scenes to make the photographs more interesting. I didn’t submit the blood grass picture to my teacher, just the regular old green grass one 😛 I’m glad you like the picture!

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