First annual HalloTheme!

Hey guys!

The week of Halloween is here! This Saturday is Halloween!!! 😀 I’m going as a caped… person… I haven’t worked out all the details yet. Anyways, since Halloween is upon us, we have our first EVER annual Miss Magic’s HalloTheme! So… (you ask) What is HalloTheme? Well… (I literally just came up with this as I am writing it) I think it’s going to work like this, I have already changed the theme to Monster so that’s done and each day I will write a new Halloween themed short story or poem and I might share with you guys some Halloween pictures that I have taken and basically everything is Halloween for the week! I do like Halloween, but I absolutely HATE being scared, so HalloTheme is just a better way for me to express my Halloween spirit! ALSO A GREAT THING HAPPENED, Miss Magic’s Memoir is finally on FLVS Scribbles! People from FLVS Scribbles can now just click on the members blogs section of that blog and you will see my blog’s name as a link! Anyways, back to HalloTheme! I won’t write a poem or story today, this is my post for today, but you guys can keep checking back for Halloween stories, poems and pics! Comment down below what you are going to be for Halloween and write me a Halloween poem or short story and you can either comment it down below or send it to me in my suggestions page (and I can post it with your name on my blog if you want!), I would be happy to read them! Also comment down below if you have any prompts, ideas, or “What if?“s for me to use in my stories or poems (especially my new Halloween ones! 😀). Thanks guys and have a spooktacular Halloween! Muahaha!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

3 thoughts on “First annual HalloTheme!

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