Hi guys! So today I’m going roller-skating with my family (and possibly some friends from softball) and I LOVE roller-skating! So, I’m not the greatest skater in the world. The best I can do is skate really fast, I can’t do any tricks. But I love skating around, hanging out and singing along to the music. Eating pizza and playing games and just having a good time! It’s hard not to have a good time (at least for me) when you’re roller-skating. And one of the best parts is skating with my dad. He can also skate fast (and spin around really well, show-off) and he has fun too. And we’re lucky because usually we have softball games on Saturday mornings, but the past few weeks have been weeknight games. There once was a time where every single summer Saturday morning (on the off-season of softball) we would go roller-skating. The first time I ever put on a pair of roller skates (about five or so years ago) I fell and landed on my skate wheels. I was young, so I took it pretty hard. I can’t imagine what made me continue skating for so long. I hope that I will roller skate for a long, long time because it really is great and it takes my mind off of things and I enjoy it a lot. Anyways, tell me in the comments if you do any sports or if you roller skate or whatever you do. Also, please leave me prompts, ideas and “What if?“s for me to use in my stories and poems (I could really use them). Also check out my new blog pages! There’s the QUESTIONS page is you have any questions about me or the blog, and there’s the SUGGESTIONS page if you have any suggestions for the blog! Thanks guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

2 thoughts on “Roller-skating

  1. I cannot roller skate to save my life. If you see a girl gripping the edge of the rink, that’s probably me xD I’ve only ever been to roller skating parties, but I can see why it would put you at ease. Just gliding down a path with a nice breeze has got to be relaxing (only if you know what you’re doing xD You would, not me!)
    I hope you stick with what you love! Have fun šŸ™‚


    • Hi! It took me a long long time to be able to skate without gripping the wall, but the practice paid off, I won a skate race against 12-15 year old girls today! I haven’t done that in a while and it felt good. I guess practice makes (kind of) perfect is true! Thanks Grace šŸ™‚

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