Ugh, Mondays…

Ah Monday. The day of the week that is hated by many. For children it means school and the weekend is over. No more sitting and watching Doctor Who all day while you stuff your face with pizza and popcorn and ice cream and no more going out to eat (we usually go out to eat at least once each weekend). For adults it mean back to work and making appointments and phone calls and whatever else grown-ups do. I think we all just wish Monday would disappear, but then we would be left hating Tuesday. I am a shy person. I can communicate well through computers and phones and with my friends, but talking to strangers or trying to make new friends is a whole different story. Monday means the beginning of the week, so sometimes, I have to call my teachers for reviews or just so they can make sure I’m enjoying the class. When I have to call my teachers so they can review what I’ve learned, I panic. What if I can’t talk? What if I mess up? What if she says I haven’t been doing good and she gives me a FAIL on the review?! Now, this is just all in my head, I know. My teachers are extremely nice to me and I have an A average in all of my classes, but I still don’t like to talk to people that I’m not close to or ANYONE on the phone for that matter! Phones are faulty and they break up and they shut down and a lot of times it’s hard to hear people over the phone. There are so many factors that go into phones. We also make corny jokes about smartphones and smart TVs. “It’s not a smartphone, it’s a stupid phone.” “Smart TVs sure are dumb.” Although from time to time I wonder if they are really jokes or the cold, hard truth. School. Work. Phones. I hate Monday. But hey, we can’t let it get us down, when all the work is done, we have the rest of the day to ourselves… until Mom calls you and tells you to do your homework (stupid Mondays). Anyways, please leave a comment down below if you also hate Mondays or if for some reason you LOVE Mondays (or at least tolerate them. I have softball so my Mondays aren’t always the WORST at nighttime). And also comment if you have any prompts, ideas, or “What if?“s for me to use in my stories and poems!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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