MMM on FLVS Scribbles!

Hi guys! I am so excited that more people are going to be seeing Miss Magic’s Memoir soon because it will be featured on FLVS Scribbles this week! There are a lot of FLVS students and I bet a lot of them check out that blog… I hope a lot of them check out that blog! I can’t wait! I have already been constantly checking for my blog. If you don’t already go on FLVS Scribbles, check it out because it is a super cool writing blog with prompts and stories and once in a while they do challenges and it’s great! If you already read my blog, go ahead and tell your friends! Spread the magic! Also I am very happy to mention anyone’s blog on Miss Magic’s Memoir (especially if you will mention mine too!) and I would love to make new friends and do challenges and anything you guys want! So comment if you want to see some writing or photography or ANY kind of challenges and make sure you keep checking back to FLVS Scribbles for prompts, stories and soon, Miss Magic’s Memoir on the “member’s blogs” page! Comment down below if you have any prompts, ideas, or “What if?“s for me to use in my stories and poems! 🙂


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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