Wise Owl: My first poem

I will never forget the first good poem I wrote. It’s been probably two to three years since I wrote that poem and if you asked me how it went I’d be able to repeat it in a heartbeat. I didn’t have any writings saved to my new computer yet so I’ll share this poem with you guys! It’s short but I think it’s okay.

Wise owl sleeps up high,

In a tree, close to the sky.

When the day turns to night,

All the owl sees is light.

I love my owl poem. And I was so proud of it when I wrote it. Dear Wise Owl, I shall never forget you. You lie in the pocket of my poetry book that is stashed who knows where. I will find you once more, I know I will… Anyways guys, please comment down below if you have any opinions or if you have any prompts, ideas, or “What if?“s for me to use in stories or poems! Thanks!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”


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