Today is football. Sports are such… tough subjects to talk about. I’m not a football fan at all really, but I used to be. When I was younger I used to have a Miami Dolphins cheerleader dress and hair ties, but I didn’t really watch the game because I didn’t understand it. Last year, I believe, I tried to watch a couple of games and I got pretty into it and I started to understand it more. Now, I just don’t really care about it. And it’s such a violent sport! My brother plays flag football and once in a while kids STILL get hurt! I think the only reason I would EVER play NFL football (not that they would accept me because I stink at football) is because of the money. I don’t LIVE for money and I don’t need it to be happy but it is a necessity and a darn good luxury if you’ve got a lot of it. My point is that football pays well and it may be fun for other people, but I would never play it. To be honest, sports in general aren’t really my thing. Although I don’t have that good of an argument because I have been playing softball for the last five years, but I think I’m quitting next season. It’s really sad to quit, because I made so many good friends through softball and a few of them I really don’t have any way to contact, not all of them have cell phones (luckily my really good friends do) and even though playing softball is tiring and sweaty and a lot of work, I still do have fun sometimes, but I want to try other things. My new theater class is kind of interfering with softball and it’s only going to get worse when I want to take voice and hip hop dancing. I also would like to do girl scouts while I’m still young enough to do it (my parents have never signed me up officially). Anyways, sports are no longer something that I have much interest in. So comment down below, do you do sports or any cool activities? And I am trying to come up with story ideas so if you have any prompts, ideas, or “What if?“s that I could use please comment those for me to read! I love to talk with you guys!


“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

8 thoughts on “Sports

  1. Football is huge at my house. My dad is more of a college football fan, which prompts me to bring up a point I’ve argued: college football is SO much better because they don’t play for money, they play for pride and college spirit! We are Alabama alumni, so we watch Bama play every weekend. I don’t like the NFL, for some reason it bores me haha.
    I think it’s cool how this post is really exemplifying your development in terms of taste and interests. It clearly exhibits your interests are shifting, which is all part of growing up. I’m not much a sports person, but I play tennis and follow it (it’s great exercise, and I am a ball kid for a huge tournament, which means I get to be on court right with the players!).
    You seem to be going into the performing arts, which is great! I hope you take those lessons and involvement and develop your talent with them. My sister is learning opera, and I guitar.
    I was a girl scout for a year 😉 I didn’t sell many cookies, but I hope you enjoy it!
    Best of luck to you, Katie!

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    • Thanks Grace! I don’t think I have ever watched college football. Tennis is really cool! My dad can play the guitar and the drums really well. I have always had an interest in performing arts, first singing and then dancing and theater. How old are you Grace? Because you seem to know a lot and you write your opinions down very detailed and I know you’re in high school from another comment you posted. I enjoy reading your comments very much!

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      • That’s really neat! How long has your dad been playing, and he does he favor acoustic or electric more? 😉 (My dad keeps pushing me to get an electric guitar, but I like my acoustic haha)
        I used to be in drama club at my brick-and-mortar school; I was a mer-sister in the Little Mermaid, and I still have a picture of me in my costume. I don’t dub myself the best singer, but I loved being in musicals. So much fun!
        I’m 15, turning 16 next month. I appreciate such a kind comment, and I enjoy reading your posts and comments, too! Do not be fooled, though, for I have so much more to learn 😛 Don’t we all? But thank you, that made my day!


        • Hi! I’m not sure what my Dad favors more, he does like to play electric but it’s much easier for him to pick up his acoustic and play. He has been playing the guitar for a long time… Longer than 20 years I believe. I love listening to him play. I have always loved music and so has Dad. He can play beautiful songs on the guitar and he can play really fun songs too. He’s really into rock and roll, and I like some rock and roll too but I’m more into pop music like Taylor swift and stuff like that. I also LOVE Adele and Jason Mraz and people like that. Who and what do you like to listen to? (And yes, I do believe we all have something to learn.)

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        • Wow that’s a long time. I’ve only been for two years xD That’s so awesome! I wish I had someone in the family who did. My dad got a guitar for his 20th birthday but never learned; it was collecting dust in his closet. 2 years ago he encouraged me to pick it up, and now I am developing guitarist! (learning classical right now eek!)
          I used to like Taylor Swift when she was country, but now I’ve decided I’m not a fan 😦 My sister loves her haha, but I’ve stopped following her music. Just her debut, Fearless and some of Speak Now for me! What’s your favorite Tay song?
          I like to whatever I’m in the mood for, funnily enough. I don’t have a set favorite. Right now, I’m listening to a 90s Irish band, the Cranberries; their music is perfect for school for me 😛 Sometimes I’ll just listen to piano instrumentals, the 80s, the 70s…I grew up with those decades always playing on the radio. I like acoustic stuff, too…no rap, pop, or R&B for me xD Ooh Adele is good! And Jason Mraz is soooo awesome. Ever head, Lucky by him and Colbie Callait? Love it!


        • I have heard Lucky before! I’ve also heard his songs, I’m yours, If it kills me, and Life is wonderful. Oh my gosh, my favorite Taylor Swift song? I like her new song Wildest Dreams. My favorite country song by her would probably be either Our Song or Love Story. I love Taylor now and when she was country, she’s really cool. 2 years on the guitar! Wow! I’ve taken an interest in guitar before, but it hurts my fingers. I was thinking about playing the ukulele though. Have you heard the song Piano Man? If you haven’t, you should. It seems like something you might like. Do you watch YouTube? I am obsessed with YouTube and I watch the channels Good Mythical Morning, The Fine Brothers, TheEllenShow, Grave3yardgirl, Clevver Style and a few others.

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        • My sis adores Wildest Dreams, and I’ll admit, it’s not half bad 😉 But I guess I just appreciate the initial years. Come this December, she’ll be 26: 10 years since she was 16 and released her debut album 😛 Kind of cool, eh? I have indeed heard Piano Man, and perhaps every song ever sung by Billy Joel xD I like a lot of his songs, for sure. It’s very 70s, so you’re right! I do watch YouTube but not really that much. My mom feels it wastes my time, and I guess it does (but that doesn’t stop me!) I like arglefumph because he is all about Nancy Drew and the HerInteractive computer games, which my sister and I love to play. I also like this guy named Hunter Avallone, but I’ve only just started following him haha. Not much of a YouTube fanatic, so I don’t know hardly any youtubers, but I’ll watch stuff for sure xD


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