From schoolwork to something totally different!

I still have schoolwork to do this week. Virtual school is a bit easier than regular school because (at least for part time middle school at FLVS) you only have to submit 2-3 assignments for most classes each week. Still for someone taking three classes and who has never done virtual school before, it can be a lot. I just really wish I had the ability to sleep all day or take naps. I swear, unless I am extremely tired or it’s very early I cannot take a nap! I could lay on the couch for hours and not fall asleep until late at night, when even my parents have fallen asleep! Anyways, sometimes I wish I could just have a week off with no schoolwork, no dishes to clean, no rules about when to use electronics, no nothing! But I know that the responsibilities that I have to handle are child’s play. My dad is the owner of a small business that is open from nine to five and the building has no air conditioning except for fans and stuff like that, then on Mondays and Thursdays the poor guy has to coach my softball practices and that’s not including the games that he coaches. And then there’s my mom who stays at home and handles me and my brother all day. She must think we’re Godzilla 1 and Godzilla 2 because she always finds messes that we made (although it is mostly my little brother who is leaving stuff around like toys and paper) and then usually the poor woman has to clean it up and I am no help because I suffer from a horrifying disease that I like to call EXTREME LAZINESS! Dun dun dunn! Okay so maybe it’s not always laziness but I hate chores and exercising and… Yeah, maybe I am lazy. But can you blame me? Who wants to get up and do stuff when there is food to be eaten and TV shows to be watched?! Anyways, I have awesome parents who take care of me and buy me stuff even though I am probably a lot of work and trouble and I wouldn’t trade them for any other parents in the world! Love you Mom and Dad!

“Humorous, shy, fragile like a butterfly.”

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